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This series ran in the February, March and August 2000 issues of the predecessor to IBM Systems Magazine. Follow the links built in to the headings to read the associated articles or click on the link in the right hand column to download the associated source files.

Part 1 - Tools & Techniques to get you started

This article introduces you to the basics of writing to a browser with an RPG program. To demonstrate the basic techniques we convert a simple report program to send its output to a browser rather than the printed page.

Download the source

Part 2 - Paging through CGI output

Since "reports" rarely fit on a single page we need to be able to page through the data. This article shows you how.

Download the source

Part 3 - As Easy as CGIDEV2

In the first two articles we showed you how to do things the hard way! In this article we show you how the use of IBM's CGIDEV2 library can make life a lot easier for you. Best of all, it;s free!

Download the source

Attention COBOL Users

Although all the articles in this series were written primarily for an RPG audience, the basic principals involved are identical for COBOL users.  If you Click Here you can download COBOL versions of the main programs in the articles.

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