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The following are direct links to some of our magazine articles.

From Green to Dream  
In addition to our on-site teaching and consulting work, we present sessions on a variety of application development topics at conferences around the world. At every conference, there’s one question that we can guarantee will be asked: “What is the best approach to move our green-screen applications to GUI?” That question inspired this first in a series of articles which, while a little dated now, we hope will help inform you of some of the choices and challenges that face you.

Developing New Applications  
This article is a follow-on to "From Green to Dream" and focusses on the selection of tools for developing new web-based applications.

The State of Modernization
This article was a follow on to the original "Green to Dream" series. It is based on an interview with Bruce Vining, who at the time was IBM's "Mr. API" and was very involved with enabling the ISVs that offer modernization solutions to IBM i users.

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Keeping the Faith  
This short piece looks at some of the popular misconceptions concerning the IBM i and discusses ways in which you can counter them.

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RPG For the Web  
This is a series of three articles and associated sidebars that introduces RPG IV as a viable Web programming language.  The link will take you to the associated page. Show me the page
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